Beyond Anabolic Steroids: Build Muscles And Get Lean With These Other Options

Despite the bad rap that they often get, anabolic steroids are not all bad. Neither are they all illegal or chemically based. Steroids or prohormones for sale can be a useful addition to a workout program or fitness regime. There are also cognitive benefits such as improved concentration and memory functions that can be enjoyed from some steroids that may use testosterone as a major active ingredient. Still, that is not what this article is about. While steroids can be useful, you may still have your reservations. As such, we are looking at other options that can help you burn fat, build muscle, and become a leaner, healthier, more attractive version of yourself even without the best steroids pills. Here goes.

1. Pay attention to your nutrition

RoidsEven you were one to opt for the use of anabolic steroids without reservation, it is important to know that an anabolic steroid supplement is not a substitute for good nutrition. With or without steroids, poor nutrition and eating habits will simply ruin your efforts. The general rules of good nutrition, and then some, will always be relevant. As such consider the following guidelines:

– Eat lean meats, beans, and green leafy vegetables as the base of your protein sources. Avoid processed foods generally, use carbs sparingly, and be sure to watch your sodium (salt) and sugar intake. When you go eat carbs (including from fruit and vegetable sources), ensure that they are rich in fiber.

– Drink lots of water. Drinking more water will prevent you from bloating and retaining water weight and added bulk. Perhaps consider carrying a water bottle with you throughout the day to help you stay hydrated.

– Eat smaller meals more regularly. Gone are the days when three large square meals were enough to keep you properly nourished and at your ideal weight. Studies show that smaller meals, more frequently, help you keep your metabolism higher. A higher metabolism help you to burn fat for longer, especially when the body is at rest (i.e. you’re not working out)

2. Use protein bars and shakes

Protein bars and shakes can be very useful for that added metabolic boost – read more about it on Somatropin pills and Nandrolone pills. They are also great meal replacement options for those times when you are on the go and you don’t wish to sacrifice nutrition. Be sure to do your homework though as some of these manufacturers can be sneaky and there may be more carbs by way of sugar than you may be aware of.