The Perfect Anabolic Steroid For Both Men And Women – Anavar

Anavar is a renowned brand of oxandrolone, an anabolic steroid with great benefits. The active ingredient in the steroid is dihydrotestosterone. It is approved for use by both men and women. This is unlike other anabolic steroids which cause virilization in women. It also doesn’t cause edema as other anabolic steroids do. It is milder than other anabolic steroids and therefore has minimal side effects so long as the recommended dosages are followed. Put simply, Anavar is clinically proven to work.

Uses of Anavar

Some of the reasons people buy Anavar include to treat osteoporosis and hepatitis and to help them regain weight which they may have lost due to various medical conditions. It is also used to treat stunted growth in adolescent girls and children with Turner’s syndrome. Anavar is a testosterone booster and for this reason, it is widely used in the athletic and bodybuilding fields for performance enhancement.

It is very good for use when one is trying to lose weight as it prevents muscle wasting when one is dieting and exercising. In fact, it is way more effective for weight loss than other anabolic steroids. Anavar is perfect for women who are looking to gain muscle and firm up. Users experience an increase in strength and energy levels and this makes it the perfect steroid to take right before an intense workout session or before a race for athletes. This is why it is one of the most popular anabolic steroids among athletes. It also improves cardiovascular health and keeps heart disease at bay.

Directions for Use

Anavar steroids are available in form of pills. The dosage depends on a number of factors including reason for use and age of the user among other factors. For instance, a bodybuilder will probably need a higher dosage than someone who is using Anavar pills for treatment of osteoporosis. It is strictly meant for short-term use as long-term use may lead to serious liver problems. If you notice yellowing of eyes or any other abnormalities that may be indicative of liver problems, it is advisable to discontinue its use and seek help from your physician. Even athletes and bodybuilders should not use it continuously for a long time. It is best used for a short while, especially during off-season. Due to its low androgenic power, many people experience no negative side effects at all.

The recommended dosage is 20-30mg per day for males looking to enhance athletic performance or bodybuilders. However, some seasoned bodybuilders and athletes take 50mg per day, but you are better off starting with a lower dosage. Female users should not take more than 10mg per day. Anavar tablets should be used for no more than 8 weeks. If you must continue using them, take a break of at least 2 weeks before continuing.

Bottom Line

The benefits of using Anavar steroid cannot be gainsaid. Whether you are using it for health reasons or you are looking to enhance your athletic performance, you can never go wrong with it. To get high-quality pills, ask for recommendations from your fellow athletes on where you can find high-quality Anavar for sale. Even if you choose to buy Anavar online, be sure to research your supplier to be certain that you are purchasing quality pills. There are counterfeits which could be under-dosed or contain a different steroid and this can be disastrous because of the potential side effects, especially for female users.