The Latest Tips On Top Steroid Cycles

Steroid stacks are a combination of different steroids that work together to increase muscle mass and body definition. However, there are several different types of steroids cycles and picking the right one or the best steroid cycle for your body and physiology is very difficult. It’s particularly difficult if you don’t know how steroid cycles work. Don’t worry though; we’ve collected a few tips about common steroids cycles and the best steroid stacks that should help you make an informed decision.

1. Common steroid cycles — Adding external steroids to your body is dangerous. The elevated hormone levels turn off the body’s natural hormone production. As a result, it becomes necessary to gradually increase and decrease the dose of steroid you take. When you taper off the dose, your body has time to recover from the elevated hormone levels. The best steroid cycles¬† last anywhere from two to twelve weeks but not more than fifteen weeks. However, some cycles are shorter for beginners and may range anywhere from two weeks to four weeks. Intermediate cycles are a little longer and are recommended for people who have experienced side-effects with the hormones. Advanced/hyper-advanced cycles are very strong routines that combine different steroid stack products. We do not recommend advanced/hyper-advanced routines as they have a very high risk of medical complications.

2. Unique cycles — Apart from standard cycles, there are unique cycles also used by athletes. For example, the double-diamond cycle and the two-week cycle are commonly used by athletes to gain muscle quickly and easily. Some athletes also use bridge cycles which work all through the year. In this type of cycle, the athlete continues the steroid cycle by taking a small dose of steroid every day. We don’t recommend this kind of cycle as it can injure your body and cause serious medical complications.

3. Choosing steroid stacks — It’s difficult to choose a stack to suit your personal requirements. For example, veteran bodybuilders can get away by combining two or three different products but this is not a good idea for newbies. A beginner cycle is ideal only with testosterone. Later on, people can use two or three products to ensure better long-term results. For example, most users now use two to three different products that work on different chemical pathways to cause a synergistic effect.

4. Learn the talk — Online forums are the best place to learn about steroid cycles and how to combine drugs. Talk to veteran bodybuilders and learn how they combine drugs and dosages to get a staggered effect. You will also learn custom terms like ‘front loading’ and ‘kick starting.’ These terms refer to different methods by which users add, double, or increase their dose to get the most effects from their product combination.

5. Cycle therapy — Just because you are using external steroids, does not mean you won’t have side-effects. Almost all users recommend the use of pre-cycle, inter-cycle, and post-cycle therapy to keep the side-effects to a minimum. Make sure you read up as much as possible about supportive therapy to keep your body in top shape.

The Bottom Line

We cannot really recommend a particular steroid cycle for you as individual bodies tend to vary considerably. Use our tips as a guide and then try out one or two cycles. If you are happy with the results, then that is the best steroid stack for you.